Service for Governmental Organizations

Since 2006 JBP has been selected by central and regional governmental organizations of the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom to host trade missions, organize seminars and B-to-B meetings, and attract Japanese greenfield investment. The sectors we covered range from aerospace, automotives, building materials, energy to railway, ICT, game, healthcare, financial and other services. We have constantly hit targets, and the high ratings we get from clients have allowed us to receive multiple assignments from the same organizations.

Our Unique Approach

The years over, JBP has built collaborative relationships with regional banks across Japan who identify and approach potential sellers and buyers within their customer database. They also contribute their own resource to help JBP execute deals.

JBP source cross-border deals from overseas partners who are prominent financial services, M&A advisory or law firms. JBP also shares a list of acquisition target search requests it receives from Japanese clients for the overseas partners to search appropriate targets in their countries.

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